Via Carota

Via Carota is the West Village gastroteca of cherished downtown chefs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi.  Inspired by the 17th-century villa in the hills near Florence which Sodi once called home, Via Carota honors old-world Italian roots, life style, food and décor.

Their Village gastroteca is thoughtfully renovated: wooden floors reclaimed from an old gymnasium, vintage chapel chairs from England and rustic wooden cabinets filled with heirloom china. Servers wear crisp white shirts and long linen aprons, there are communal tables and even a private room tucked away amongst the wine bottles.  Baskets of crusty bread and bowls of oranges are scattered throughout the sun drenched space. For bel tempo pleasure there are eight outdoor tables on the tree-lined sidewalk.

Located at 51 Grove Street in the West Village; Via Carota is just one block up from the couple’s other beloved restaurants Buvette and I Sodi.  Via Carota is open all day long serving food and drink, early until late in a true gastroteca fashion. 

Restaurant Details

Restaurant Name: Via Carota

Address: 51 Grove St, New York, NY 10014

Borough: Manhattan


Phone Number: 6464796864

Cuisine: Italian